Returning to Center

Meditation brings me instantly to my personal center from where I can focus on anything I want, from troublesome problems to happy events. I want to ward off the bad feelings and embrace and internalize the good. Medication is an art to be sure that one has to learn to practice so you can enter “the zone” faster each time. You recite your mantra, whatever it might be, to the point where you practically hypnotize yourself into a peaceful, calm state. It feels euphoric and if you have been experiencing any stress or anxiety, it brings instant relief.

You can learn to go deeper into your relaxed state with various techniques. I like the image of descending a ladder so that with each rung going down, you are more and more focused. You can also use numbers. You can count to ten backwards such that when you arrive at one, you are deep into your desired state. When here, you can make suggestions to yourself that will improve your mood and therefore your life.

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but I say it is for most. Everyone can benefit from controlling and directing negative emotions. You can learn to evoke positive ones with little mini sessions in which a few recitations of your mantra take immediate effect. This is an advanced application that works for me when I am stressed, as before giving a speech, in the doctor’s office, or on an interview. You can sit and close your eyes wherever you are and put yourself in a better frame of mind.

Because it is so effective, I meditate quite often: at least once a day. My family understands this need for quiet escape and avoids bothering me at such times. You could definitely say that they are supportive. Some of my friends experience mocking and derision and I am lucky that it is not the case for me. In fact, my family is so with me about my meditation that they gave me a great pair of bike shorts as a gift for my birthday so I could be comfortable and stylish while journeying along the path of self-discovery. Because I am into guided imagery, I use the analogy of a bicycle that is carrying me into the distance which I set as a mental goal or target. I see myself in my new shorts gliding along peacefully and easily as I relax and unwind. Wearing them helps re-enforce the road imagery and brings me to my destination faster. The more you meditate, the quicker you arrive at your desired level of depth.

I think my life would be vastly different if I did not meditate. Discovering this ancient art changed my life forever. Therapists use it in conjunction with hypnosis to help people conquer bad habits and negative thinking. It is something of great value to be praised. I enjoy meditating with close friends as we seem to great a kind of synergy together. Open yourself to a really great experience.