One Item I Always Pack

When you travel, you don’t always expect to encounter the conveniences of home. That is simply asking too much of the experience. You can take some with you, however, like a portable humidifier. I kid you not. Along with your toothbrush, travel iron, blow dryer, and electric shaver, you can control your hotel room air in a flash. Anyone who has been uncomfortable in certain climates will appreciate making room for this appliance. It is one item I always pack.

Traveling can be a challenge at times, with long hours on the road and less than pleasant nutrition. You put up with adversity when there is no choice. If you can take action, why not do yourself a big favor. If you want to at least control overly dry air, a humidifier is a must have on your journey.

You may be like me and suffer from super dry skin in the desert, for example. When you feel itchy and irritated all over, it is time to turn the unit on. No one wants to be peeling and red while traveling. In addition, my breathing can be labored in dry heat. I like to meditate on the road, as I do at home, and it isn’t always easy.

I discovered portable humidifiers after a particularly difficult trip to the heart of Africa. After experiencing cracked lips and occasional nosebleeds, I knew it was time to enquire. A travel misting humidifier that fits into a small carrying case is available under fifty dollars. You can add comfort to most any space by reducing dryness in the air. It emits an ultra-fine vapor without soaking the unit or anything in the vicinity. The one I elected to purchase has a rotating nozzle that can be repositioned without having to move the appliance. It also has a dimmer know that controls the frequency of mist delivery. For example, on the high setting, I get more than five hours of powerful ultrasonic vapor. The system comes with a 16 ounce water bottle that more than does the job.

Don’t worry about maintenance. This kind of portable model has no filters or wicks. It, of course, also comes with an essential universal power adaptor that can be used most anywhere in the world that has 120-240V power. I like the nylon carrying case that doesn’t show the dirt and is easy to wipe down.

I think you get the picture. This is the perfect solution to air quality problems during the dry season as you travel. You can make room in your suitcase or backpack to accommodate the appliance. I simply do not go anywhere without mine. It is one of the best personal investments I have made. I would rather leave the travel iron at home if space is limited. I certainly don’t want to compromise my ability to relax and meditate. This is a great gift, by the way, for a fellow traveler. They probably would never think of getting one on their own. It is one of the best secrets of convenient travel that I know.