Meditating at the Beach

Meditation is inspiration in principal and the best way to get in touch with your inner self. Our lives are hectic and busy and most people do not take the time to pause to reflect. They often don’t know the meaning of the word. There are emails, texts, and other extraneous matters that dominate life. Meditation is not something you jump into blindly, but it is a learned process that takes concentration and some know how. It is best if you have a mentor or guide to get you started and on the right track. You usually have an image or a mantra that you repeat to get you into the target zone. You must discard thoughts that interfere with your ability to relax and go deeper into yourself. Once you are in the right frame of mind, you can make suggestions to yourself to alter your mood and behavior. There is nothing like it to calm the nerves, enhance creativity and reach new mental heights.

You can meditate most anywhere it is quiet and conducive to the process. One place I enjoy meditating is at the beach. I can always find a secluded spot near a view of the water which is a wonderful atmosphere to select. It is best if there are not throngs of people around so I like to do it in the early morning or even the late afternoon after the beach clears. I take my favorite jumbo size beach towel and a beach umbrella to keep me sheltered from the sun so I don’t get burned while I am in the throngs of meditation.

Some people like to read, some prefer to take long walks along the shore, and some explore the rocks and reefs. For me, it is meditation. Sure, I do it daily in many different places such as my special den at home. I can pull the drapes and darken the room to set the mood. It is different at the beach given the sunny environment. It gives the meditation a different result. It is no less effective or pleasurable, just different. There are times of the day when the sky is captivating and you want to soak it all in before you close your eyes and become self-absorbed. The umbrella sometimes blocks the sky and I have to reposition it this way and that so I have a glimpse of heaven. I am lucky that I live near a beach so I can make the trek as often as I want when I need the special mood that the shore enhances. Meditation is very personal and you have to find what works for you. Maybe it is under a tall tree in the park, by the duck pond down the street, or at a friend’s house s you can meditate together. No, it doesn’t always have to be done alone. People have been known to enjoy it in groups and receive particular inspiration this way.