Keep Breathing

The vein of inspiration is limitless. There’s no image that the mind can’t project and thus immerse oneself in. I’ve been so focused on visualization on this blog that I haven’t talked enough about another crucial element – breathing. There’s nothing more important than being thankful for this fuel of life and cherishing it mindfully every living moment. Yes, things can get hectic here and there but we always strive towards our innermost place of depth, our personal center.

Let’s focus on mindful breathing. Sit with me and allow me to guide you. Find a position you can relax in, forget about posture for a moment, tune it all out. You can even drop the yoga mat or the pillow this time around. Focus on your breathing and breathing only.

Inhale through your nostrils for three seconds, hold for two, and slowly exhale. Let all amped up negativity dissipate through this cycle, with intention of release. Therein lies the art of letting go. Yet, stay observant, stay aware. It’s okay to find your mind wandering, distracted by thoughts or sensations. Be kind to it. It may seem like a raging river and the last thing you want to do is dam it. Acknowledge the vigorous flow and quietly bring your attention back to your breath. Stay there for five to seven minutes. You may find the cycle repeating, keep returning to your breath. Nothing is finite and everything is a cycle, a revolution of the self. Take a step back before you take a step out.

Breathing is a powerful tool, it’s our life-force. It’s anchored in the present moment. In this journey to inner freedom, it’s the only tangible evocation of the infinite. After sessions like these, I feel energized, alive. I follow through with physical exercise. Meditation is a visceral experience, and not much realizes its full potential apart from bodily expression. We’re physical creatures, let’s embrace that fact, along with the life-force flowing within and without, eternally permeating. The mind and the body are not separate, incorporate both, and stay observant.

Come down in bliss towards the innermost in appreciation of all the elements. What we sow is what we’ll reap. Soothe the fire inside, fueled by breath. Treat your body with a shower. Recently, I started enjoying my showers after meditating a lot more, and that’s thanks to my new tankless water heater that I managed to get after I did a little bit of research.

But it’s not like that’s essential. Regardless of your bathroom amenities situation, the important thing is this – you need to let this be your routine, whoever you are and wherever you are. Sometimes this is all it takes. Never stop being aware and appreciative, never stop breathing.